[Solved] Is there a really lighweight permissions plugin?


I want to give all of the players on my server the ability to use the /tp command, but I need to use permissions for that.

I found LuckPerms but that plugin is just so big and has features that I don’t need at all

It’s a server that I play on with my friends and the peak player count was like 5 or something.

I fount this plugin but it’s incompatible with the latest sponge

Because LuckPerms is lightweight on the server in terms of taxing the server, my logic would be to use LuckPerms as it is stable and the features you don’t need, dont use.


Thank you, I thought because luckperms has so many functions like different databases and such that it would take a performace cut, but apparently it doesn’t.

In fact most libraries for the other database types aren’t even downloaded when you don’t use them. And Luck spent an awful lot of time on optimizing the plugin.