[SOLVED] Logging all commands to the server console?

Sorry if this is a simple fix, I haven’t been able to find anything on it.
Is there any way to log all commands issued by my ops and users to the rcon? I looked through the configuration files and couldn’t find anything.


EDIT: Essential CMD’s was keeping the outputs from being logged.

EDIT2: Solved using another plugin, CommandLogger CommandLogger

That should happen by default.

It doesn’t seem to. It logs chat messages and disconnects, but not when a user inputs a command in game. If it helps, I am running this on Windows 8.1, through the cygwin terminal and a terminal multiplexer, and have no mods except essentialcmds.

EDIT: It’s not Cygwin because the same thing happens in just the normal CMD terminal.

There’s probably a plugin that could do this – if not, someone could probably write one (I have some plugins where this would fit, but nothing that would happen in the near future).

When I take out Essential CMD’s it does log. Interesting

There’s a plugin we’ve been using on the SCS that phroa wrote, (from memory, I’m still at work) I think it may just be called CommandLogger. It does exactly what you ask, adds all commands from players, console and command blocks to the server log. I think there’s a DL around here someplace …

This isn’t the plugin phroa made, but there is CommandLogger available here on the forums which also logs the location the command sender is at additionally together with all commands:

This plugin works great, exactly what I needed. Thanks!