Just a super-simple plugin to log command use. If executed by a player it includes their world and current coordinates. Great paper trail.


For example:

[CommandLogger]: (world @ -236 73 302) viveleroi: /help

To install, place in your mods folder.

License: MIT. IRC: #prism


Posted an ‘Issue’ (request) on the github, would like to either have a separate log for ease of reading / going through, or a config for deciding if this goes into the console log or a separate log.

Is it possible to make separate logs? It would be convenient to track the activity of a specific player.
For example: ziceptor-uuid.log etc.
I would also like that in the server console text [CommandLogger] allocated color.

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work with sponge api 4.0 ? ^^
thanks !

Can we get separate logging capabilities: either separate files for each player, or one single file where commands are logged? This just ends up spamming console a bit, and it’s hard to search console for commands players use.

Also, can we get a release for the update to Sponge 4?

If there’s still a need for an update to this (because it doesnt work), let me know. I’d be wiilling to write up a replacement.

I wrote something that does this and more a while back, which logs the commands and chat to a file and has a customisable format.

Here are the options available: Formatting: %date, %world, %x, %y, %z, %name, %content

Also, any feature available in this plugin can be turned off if not required.

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I’d always accept PRs as well, I haven’t kept this up to date but it is open source GitHub - prism/CommandLogger: A command logger for sponge-based servers.

yeah i would like to use this plugin