[Solved]Minecraft Comes Alive not working with sponge

I have a server with Minecraft Comes Alive and when I try to grow a baby into a child or even spawn a villager from the mod they won’t spawn. When I take sponge off they spawn.

Is this due to something not being implemented in sponge yet? Or a bug?

startup log pastebin: http://pastebin.com/z64TqzkP

snippet from log : 08.01 09:43:55 [Server] Server thread/WARN Skipping Entity with id MCA.EntityHuman

Just going to say I can confirm there is an issue with MCA and SpongeForge, I (or anyone else for that matter) will be looking for a solution.

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Quote from WildBamaBoy (mod creator)
“Looks like something on Sponge’s end, but I can’t be certain. Unfortunately I don’t have plans to support Sponge at this time.”

Hopefully there shouldn’t be anything MCA needs to do. I have opened an issue on SpongeCommon with an issue that is related to this.

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I was able to fix the issue

Because SpongeForge targets 1.8.9 you will have to wait until MCA updates to 1.8.9, or, if you really want this fix, it is possible for me to backport it to 1.8 and make a build just for you.
I already made a build with this fix to make sure that it actually does fix the issue, so I can just upload that.

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Yay! Hopefully MCA will get updated to 1.8.9 soon but I would like the 1.8 build. Thanks!:smile:

Ok here’s the custom build http://puu.sh/mDBMT/0d70bd54f1.jar
(SHA-1 58B9A679F3399077C93EBF52B7C2820B7389C84D)

Using the latest versions of MCA and sponge in 1.8.9, seems to not work. When making a new map, and finding a village, all villagers are normal mobs. If I take out spongeforge it works fine.

maybe something is missing still?

If I make the map without spongeforge, find a village and then put back spongeforge in, it will work only for that specific village but new villages don’t work.

@winsrp I can confirm the bug that you said there.
I’m going to take a look at why that’s happening and hopefully get it fixed.

OK I have fixed the issue.

Get SpongeForge 1297 or later and it should work as expected.