[solved]Notifications are broken!

I am not receiving any notification about things happening in threads.

(And also looks that I can’t upload images anymore ;-;, would explain why I can’t change my profile pic either)
My settings are set like this:

Another image to explain my problem a bit better.

Ive noticed it to, I only get a number on my Dialog Bubble (notifications icon) for a reply etc for about the first 2 replies of a topic Im watching. Then it stops. Ive just been going to the “New” and “Unread” tabs to see if anything is new. As for the images I couldnt get local image uploads to work, but if you link something like a dropbox link they work fine.

Picture chosen to upload “From my Device”

Picture chosen to upload “From the Web” Also showing the notifications not showing up on their icon, but clearly showing on the Sponge Tab

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So looks like discourse is is being broke.

@system pls fix yourself ;-;.

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seems to be happening to me too.
@system pls

@lukegb could you maybe take a look? I broke my F5 key :frowning:.

Holly cow. PC is lagging … Thanks bro … . Its fixed for me :smile:.

I noticed this when I first got on around 8:30ish, then all the sudden around 9:30 BOOM page refresh & there is the 22 notifications from teh weekend.

Backend service failed over the weekend - fixed it while doing some forum update maintenance.