[Solved] Player Specific Inventory?

I’ve created an inventory in my plugin that i want to be specific to the player opening it but at the moment it seems to be global. How can i make it so that the inventory is different for every player opening it ?

Current Inventory code :
Inventory friends = Inventory.builder().of(InventoryArchetypes.CHEST) .property(InventoryTitle.PROPERTY_NAME, InventoryTitle.of(Text.of(TextColors.GOLD,"Friends: ", TextColors.GREEN, "Page: TBI"))) .property(InventoryDimension.PROPERTY_NAM, new InventoryDimension(9, 6)) .build(PrivateChests.getInstance());

Where its being opened:
player.openInventory(friends, Cause.of(NamedCause.simulated(player)));

Some more important information would be as to where this actually is in your code. Some context is important.

Its all being done when you shift right click on a specified item.
@Listener public void onItemRightClick(InteractItemEvent.Secondary event, @First Player player, @Getter("getItemStack") ItemStackSnapshot item) { if (item.getType() == ItemTypes.TRIPWIRE_HOOK) { Optional<Text> DN = item.get(Keys.DISPLAY_NAME); if (DN.isPresent()) { Text displayN = DN.get(); String displayName = displayN.toPlain(); if (displayName.equals(display.toPlain())) { player.sendMessage(Text.of("This is a test!", " ItemName: ", DN.get().toText(), " Applied to Item: ", display.toText())); player.sendMessage(Text.of(displayName)); if (isSneaking(player)) { player.openInventory(friends, Cause.of(NamedCause.simulated(player))); player.sendMessages(ChatTypes.ACTION_BAR, Text.of("Inventory ?")); PrivateChests.getInstance().getLogger().info("Sneaking"); } }else { player.sendMessage(Text.of(TextColors.DARK_PURPLE, ":(")); } }else { player.sendMessage(Text.of(":(")); } } }

Realised after that i way i was making the inventory/ opening it was making it global, just changed it to be inside a block and that fixed the issue