[SOLVED] Plugins questions

So, I host my server by myself and I have no one helping me (No developers.) I have been a developer for my own server, and have made a game in the past for iPhone.

I was just wondering if maybe I could take the plugins and move them. I heard somewhere that you would have to port them. I don’t exactly know how to do that, but that’s why I have Google and Youtube. Maybe any of you can confirm this? Thanks!

May like to look at Pore if you don’t want to port

There may be some other threads about porting on these forums somewhere though.

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Any plugins you made for Bukkit, have to be ported to Sponge, unless you are using Pore. The SpongeAPI isn’t exactly complete yet so nothing is in concrete so just wait a couple more days and stay up to date with what happens here.

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Helps a lot. @Pink__Slime That was very helpful, but advise for other posts is:
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Anyhow, @OffLuffy Thank you. That helps a lot. A really really lot.

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