[SOLVED] Regular rank removed..?

So… I was a regular, and everything was great. And then the fire nation attacked.

I noticed that I wasn’t getting notifications from the lounge, so I did a bit of peeking around. No lounge. Huh, strange. Going back through my notifications, I found the lounge hello thread, and clicked on it:

Ok, that’s incredibly strange. Went to my profile,and I was now a “Member”. Curiouser and curiouser… So I headed back to my notifications… Lo and behold, ctrl+F didn’t find “lounge” this time, even though it had found 5 hits not 20secs ago. …What’s going on…?

I guess you do no longer meet the requirements.

You are no longer a god :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yep you’re a member not a regular

There’s a first for everything :stuck_out_tongue:


From elsewhere on the Forum:

I’d guess one of those conditions is probably lapsed due to your absence.

The scary part is that I’m a daily lurker, and (as far as I know) read all the new posts & their replies. :fearful:
Thank you for the info, though! Glad to know the reqs changed. :smile:

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You also need to receive and give a certain amount of likes.


That’s probably what got me, to be honest. I need likes in them there forums.




You aren’t far behind ;).


I need more posts, my posting became stale, and so did my likes. :) Thanks for the comparison.


Anything to help a lost regular :smiley: .

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Nuuu! Come back :frowning:

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I think deranking only should happen if the regular did something inappropriate.


Its automatic : P
Discourse is meant to be a self moderating system for the most part


This automagic shtuff is something I don’t want to tamper with, but hey, it forces me to be more active, so, it’s a win-win, right? :smiley:


Indeed, one must be regularly participating in order to be a regular. So come back to us, we’re missing our octo-shrimp.


We need shrimp<gggggggggggryswetg


The same thing happened to me too, I only had the regular status for about a week or two before I lost it from not being active enough. I also lurk the forums a bit too, but haven’t posted as much as I have in the past when I first joined the forums.

If you lose the regular rank and can’t figure out why, feel free to poke me via PM here or on IRC (NOT any of the other staff) - I can tell you what requirements you’re missing out on.

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