SOLVED :Server crashing / Doesn't let players join

I have a pixelmon server that all the sudden is not letting anyone join. It was working earlier today.

server is running
java 8
forge 1521
pixelmon version 4.0.8

I can’t tell by looking at the crash report why it is crashing.
Crash report attached

Thanks for your help!


Usually the result of unsafe thread operations. Meaning something is being edited by two different sources at the same time. With so little information, I don’t want to start pointing fingers. Have you removed mods on the server one by one, to see which is causing the issue?

I guess you added a mod twice by accident. Your Pixelmon Coremod is named Pixelmon-1.8-4.0.8-universal (1).jar, is there a Pixelmon-1.8-4.0.8-universal.jar present? :wink:

It was mentioned elsewhere that 717 doesn’t work correctly


Essentials wasn’t working so I just updated sponge, forge and essentials . I added one at a time and they all were working perfectly until last evening. I’ll try removing them one by one.


There is only one Pixelmon I just downloaded it twice hence the (1).

Thanks :relaxed:

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I removed all mods and server still crashed. I created a new world and reloaded mods one at a time and everything is working again. Seems the first world was corrupted. I downgraded to sponge dev 716 since @Toothpick thought 717 was possibly the problem. I tried downloading newer versions of sponge but anything above 717 took me to a 404 page.

Thanks! :grinning:

Edit: same problem occurred after downgraded to 716, server crashes after several people join and then no one can join again.

Updated to spongeforge 1.8 1521-2.1 dev 735 and server working again with several people on. We’ve been on for several hours with no crashing.

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