[SOLVED] Sponge and forge

Hi, this could sound like a stupid question and I am quite sure I got the answer of the website, but just wanted someone to confirm. Currently I have started a MC project with custom mods that I am writing and I am using Forge. So far Sponge looks like the most promissing server for creating server related mods (plugins). So before I commit I just want someone to confirm that Forge plugins work fine with Sponge servers (and as I said I saw that it should on the website, but i just want some confirmation before i invest my unfortunately limited time in to learning Sponge API and than find out that it has issues with using my forge plugins).

Another question. Do I NEED to install sponge on client that is allready running forge in order to connect to a sponge server running sponge plugins (all plugins will be server side only, client side will be handled by forge based mods).

This is not necessary. Sponge plugin functionality is server-side. If you were to use SpongeVanilla (or Sponge Coremod without any other mods) people could connect with a Vanilla client.

On Mod compatibility I cannot say much, as I have not tried using Sponge coremod with other mods. I know that it works with many but with others it doesn’t.

Well, about 80% of mods that I need for mu project i will write myself, so i can do that with sponge in mind as long as it does not have some major issues with forge and considering that in coremod mode it works as another forge mod it shouldn’t. But just wanted someone to confirm that :smile:

Also since it works with forge I am assuming that there should not be any issues hosting modpacks with sponge on Technic platform, or am i wrong?

There’s no need to include Sponge itself in your modpack, as it doesn’t need to be installed on the clientside.
Sponge is somewhat like Bukkit → you don’t need clientmods to connect to a server runing Sponge.

Just include your clientmods in the technic pack an run sponge+plugins+forgemods on the server. Should be fine this way.
It should be possible to hook into Sponge from a Forgemod and vice versa. However i’m not sure how to do it properly :wink:

If you are writing your mod to be sponge compatible, you might want to consider using @Optional for implementing various SpongeAPI interfaces and exposing an API layer for other plugins to potentially use. I say optionally because the mod would very well exist on the client without a reliance on Sponge, whereas the server, Sponge would be available, and therefor the optionally implemented methods/classes would be loaded as such.