[SOLVED] Sponge won´t load

I want to make a Modpack server with sponge, but sponge doesn’t load when I start the server (sponge is in the mods folder)

Forge: forge-1.12.2-

sponge: spongeforge-1.12.2-2838-7.1.9 (1)

I cant use an other forge version.

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I tried it already but it dosn’t work


This looks like a CoreMod isnt acting correctly and forcing itself to load before sponge can apply mixins or FoamFix patch hasn’t been applied.

The foamfix patch is in the common issues thread, as you have said that you have applied the fix (im told the fix is automatically applied on later foamfix versions) then its probably the former.

Sadly there isnt a easy way to find out what coremod is acting incorrectly. Just need to search for it

We fixed it. The problem was a mod called “Farseek” and “Streams” we just delete it and it worked. BTW the name of the modpack is mc.eternal

I’m still having issues.
What is your sponge release exactly ?