[SOLVED] What are BlockTraits?

What is the difference between BlockTraits and the Data API?

I’d say they’re pretty well explained here.


 * A fallback API for handling traits of
 * {@link org.spongepowered.api.block.BlockState}s such that the values that
 * are not directly supported by the API can still be represented with a
 * {@link org.spongepowered.api.block.trait.BlockTrait}. Common cases where
 * support only through a <code>BlockTrait</code> is when mods are introduced
 * to the game, providing custom content and custom states.

Thanks. I didn’t look at package-info.java since I haven’t usually seen any Javadocs there.

We’ve been trying to improve our documentation in various efforts, for now, there’s a few places some packages do have documentation, but of course, a lot of them are lacking.