[solved]Whats happening?

so i was coding when all of a sudden the api.util.command and service for ccommands just disappeared what’s going on? now I have errors all up and down my screen what the HELL UGH JUST WHEN I THOUGH I COULD PROGRAM lol
help someone please and thank you

because rightnow commanresult and command sournc ce and commandcontext etc are not being recognized

Refresh your project dependencies.

ok so first off the i found out how to do that…but it doesn’t actually do anything…i have a lot of the current parts of it…but there are parts now missing!? I also reloaded from github just incase it was corrupted…is source for Sponge changing again? cause these plugins which had no errors at all before just lit up my sidebar

I don’t know, i’m using intellij. Search on google Eclipse refresh maven dependencies or Eclipse refresh gradle dependencies. It depends what you are using.

If you’re using Maven, right click project -> Maven -> Update Project. If you’re using Gradle, right click project -> Gradle -> Refresh dependencies.

Still nothing and that’s what i did the imports that i were using no longer exist!!!
Ugh so now how would i Know what the new coding for making commands are? because CommandSpec under the org.spongepowered.api.util.command.spec.commandSpec no longer exists :frowning:

Ctrl+Shift+O and let the magic happen
This sorts the imports from within the java file

AWESOME…though now i have some issues that have poped up? what caused this to happen?

Please elaborate on the issues.
The reason why it broke in the first place was because of recent commits to SpongeAPI.
You can keep a watch on changes here: https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeAPI/commits/master
The commit that broke most plugins was:
Clean up Services. · SpongePowered/[email protected] · GitHub

Ah…ok :slight_smile: that makes so much more sense so they were updates :smile: