Some Issue i have when i have mods with sponge

  1. when i have sponge and one other mod when i go in my world and exit out it freezes.
  2. when i have a lot of mods with sponge when i press singleplayer and press my world it take me back to the main minecraft menu and when i press single player again it freezes.
  3. when i have coremods and other mods with sponge it crash and says coremods are present.
  4. some mods are incompatible note this might be a issue
    i might use sponge for my servers and when sponge is sable i will use it for single player and muitplayer
    i am just tell some issue

This isn’t really off-topic. I’ll move it to the appropriate topic.

Although… Why are you trying to use Sponge in SSP?

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sponge is supposed to be usable in ssp.
at least, that’s what’s been said before.

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Well, of course you can. It’s just… odd, that that’s the stage of testing we’re at. :stuck_out_tongue:

To address the OP - Sponge is going to have problems. It’s not finished. So I agree with your mentality of trying later, when it’s completed/stable.

well, we did put out public development builds for people to test. people’re gonna try anything~ -3-

anyway, i don’t think this is that important as of now; the focus of Sponge is for it to work as a standalone servermod first. it functioning in ssp to allow plugins in ssp is a later focus. if this issue still persists later on, you’re free to report it on the issue tracker as a bug.

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The focus at the moment is to create a fully functional server, the client will come after. You can try testing Sponge with other mods on a server, but don’t do it on a client just yet.

Addressing point (3), Sponge does not play well with other coremods. This may get dealt with on a case-by-case basis later, but in general coremods bypass Sponge entirely iirc.

how do mods get incompatible is it java or something else
will sponge play well with other coremods in the future

@mumfrey I thought sponge was going to be (somewhat) compatible with coremods, this would be that mixin transformer issue that @luacs mentioned right?

That’s already been taken care of. The changes just haven’t reached public builds of Forge yet. Compatibility will be achieved, at this point getting everything working is more important.

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mumfrey is it sponge incompatible with other mods

It depends on the mod.

the problem is the java id i get a lot of crash because of the same mods having the same id
how do i change a blocks id

That’s not Sponge’s problem. Consult the developers of said mods.