Some mods don't work on server

Hello folk.

I have weird problem on Sponge server (1.12.2). Some modes don’t work on server. For an example Ice and Fire which i get from curseforge. I drop it to proper folder. Restart server. Run game. inside game while on server i see bookmark from mode don’t it folder is empty. Same problem i also have with animania and Worldedit and some other mods. McFurniture, Biomes of Plenty and some other mods work properly.

This problem mods in offline game work normal.

What you suggest 2 do?

Provide a log on pastebin and send the link here.

We cannot know whats happening without one

I paste log to my dropbox.

There are a lot of crashes and then the error message of “Failed To Bind Port”. You say your restarting the server, how are you restarting the server?

Failed to bind port means that the server can not boot because another application (typically another server) is using the same port number as what minecraft requests (by default its 25565).

There are messages from the Ice and Fire mod meaning that it is booting the mod