Soulbinding - Binds items to the user!

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Soulbinding API7/API8

The plugin allows you to set certain items to be soulbound!
Simply start your server and add and remove items you want to be soulbound using the provided commands.
Currently binding is supported on

  • craft (vanilla only)
  • pickup
  • Item-use
  • Nucleus Kit redemption (api7)
  • Enchanting via Anvil (Api7)
  • Preventing bound items from getting cleared (api7)

It binds item to the player and prevents any other player from picking it up, or using it.


The best place to receive support would be our discord server.
but you are free to reply to this topic as well.


How can I make an item soulbound in a loot table / from another plugin?

Do you have a public API?

Not going to lie to you, I’m a novice at coding. One look at the code and I’m sure you could easily see that there are likely several areas in which could be greatly improved.
I can look into developing some type of API if that’s something you’d like/think would improve this plugin.

Also can you expand on the idea of a loot table? What exactly were you thinking?

(I’ve not looked at your code btw)

Basically you need to include items in kits, dungeon loot, etc right?

It would be handy to be able to specify a soulbound item in there.

I was just wondering how you would go about that.

I’m not entirely certain I understand so I do apologize.
Currently as designed you would specify a generic item i.e Diamond Sword and anyone that (depending on how configured) used/picked it up the sword would soulbind to.
What is sounds like you’re suggesting is not having all diamond swords able to be soulbound, but rather a specific sword?
Otherwise all items can be set in config, or set automatically via in-game commands.
Again, sorry If I’m not quite getting it!

His code is currently lore based.

He’s talking about on a programming level to be able to create an Itemstack that’s possesses the soul bound trait.

/sb addsb adds soulbound to the current itemstack you are holding; plugin checks for specific itemlore and users uuid so in theory adding “UUID: INSERT USERS UUID” of lore with kit plugins should work

Using NBT or sponge custom data to bind items to players would work just as well

That was orginally the idea, Bdoge suggested we use lore since it already existed and I know I was am unaware how to work with custom data.

Ah, I understand.

Will relook into the custom data for saving UUID since that’s something we need BUT dont need to display

A new version has been released for Soulbinding, it is available for download here.

/sb addSB now give item “soulbound” status allowing any item to be soulbound whether in config or not.

is it possible to soulbind an item that is given via command? like once its in their inventory its soulbound rather then equip/use/etc.

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Sorry for the late reply. Are you suggesting an item soulbound when given via command?

Admin: /give Player gold_ingot
Player - Recieves item soulbound to Player

Is that correct?

If so that is not currently implemented, but we can look into it.

Yeah something like that. I want it to basically soulbind the moment it goes into or leaves their inventory rather then use/pickup/equip

I’ll look into what we can do for that. I’ve been a bit busy as of recent what with the holidays and work so no promises on a hasty push, but I’ll do what I can.

A new version has been released for Soulbinding, it is available for download here.

Modified pickup event so it works for API7

A new version has been released for Soulbinding, it is available for download here.

Added the ability to keep soulbound items on Death.
This effects ALL soulbound items. We opted out of creating a white list for these items as we didn’t think it’d be used.
If this is a feature you would indeed use please let us know and we will do our best to implement this

A new version has been released for Soulbinding, it is available for download here.

You may or may not notice some of these release notes were in the previous release. That is due to the previous release being deleted from ore. Sorry for the possible confusion.

Fixes some console spam
Removes debug messages that were in a previous (now deleted) version
Adds crafting on bind support Only works with vanilla crafting bench