Sound Silencer - Silences global broadcast sounds such as wither spawns and dragon deaths

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Sound Silencer

A configurable plugin to silence any chosen sound broadcast, such as withers and dragons. Requires at least Sponge 7.2.0.


Edit the configuration file in config/soundsilencer.conf with your desired values, and use /sponge plugins reload to reload config values.

Key Description Type Default
logCancels Log canceled sound broadcasts Boolean true
logNonCancels Log sound broadcasts that were not canceled Boolean true
muteList Blacklist of disallowed sound broadcast IDs List<String> [ "minecraft:entity.wither.spawn", "minecraft:entity.enderdragon.death" ]
whitelist Use muteList as a whitelist of allowed sounds instead of a blacklist Boolean false
convertToLocal Converts broadcast sounds to local sounds heard only in a set radius Boolean true
defaultVolume Default volume for local sounds, value less than 0 will result in original volume. Requires convertToLocal = true Float -1
volumeMap Specific volumes for local sounds to use instead of defaultVolume. Requires convertToLocal = true Map<String, Float> { "minecraft:entity.wither.spawn"=0.25 }