Source Forums ( Up and Coming Site for Developers)

Hello I am the Creator of an up and coming developer site called Source Forums which
Is hoping to bring together the communities of Sponge, Spigot, Glowstone, Husk, and Bukkit into one site strengthening the bond of the communities and promoting projects that use these API’s and increasing the amount of potential contributors for projects. Well we are having a meeting to discuss the benefits of working with us and we hope that the representatives of sponge can make it. For more info such as the time, date, and whether it will be on Skype or TeamSpeak (TeamSpeak preferred) contact me at [email protected] <---- Email

While this sounds like a nice idea I don’t know if this is the correct subforum for this post since this isn’t really asking for help regarding the API (let alone even talking about the API itself). I would recommend moving this to either off topic or general discussion. Also I haven’t heard about anything regarding husk at all lately, and their site appears to be down so I’m guessing husk is dead right now.

EDIT: I moved this thread to general discussion since it still is related to MC to an extent.