Sp plugins

It would be nice if the command (sp plugins) outputs the list of plugins with their versions. For example: SpongeForge 1368, etc…

It does. Hover on the text

I’m sorry. I’m talking about the console output. Or is there another way to get a list of plugins with versions?

I’m afraid it’s not possible via console at present. Moreover, I often find sponge plugin versioning to be a little inconsistent. Some plugins will report accurate versions, some just deliver the same one every time (Craftbook, I’m looking at you). Sometimes I find the best record is the file date.

It would be nice to have a consistent versioning system, and then a (theoretical) command to return all the plugin versions might deliver something useful.

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One of my plugins actually just said “Unknown” for one or two versions because I borked the automated versioning system. You can’t beat that. xD

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