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So I am very excited about sponge as well as everyone else and we all know what has been going on through the dificulties of bukkit and microsoft etc. but developers can still work hard which is good. I read this topic Status Update - Halloween Edition (Apparently?) and they say that sponge will be released this month. This month is november. The day is the 17th. They said sponge would be released this month. You have 13 days to put a download link on the internet. Even if it is shit, just put a download link and a version that will at least work. This will happen unless the sponge development team is lying to us of course…
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Exercise patience, you will not die if it is not released this month. Personally I would rather have a workable version released later than a PoS released on time.

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They said it would be released this month. You don’t make a topic saying something is being released this month unless it is being released this month.

All I want is some shitty working thing where my server will be running with sponge and will have hundreds of mods but the clients can come on without downloading all of those mods. And yes, I will die. You do not know me. XD. I am running a server and you do not know how desperate I am to make it ahead of every other server ever. I want it to be the funnest modded server ever in the whole world. And I can acheive that with sponge.

That makes absolutely no sense at all. If you are that desperate use spigot, sponge does not even have that many plugins yet, you would be able to do very little with a sponge server directly after release.

that is not even a feature of sponge

If you want a fun, modded server make a modpack, upload it to your website, then run your server like that. It isn’t sponge that will make a server successful it is the mods / plugins that modify that gameplay that will.


I would like to clarify the ‘Release Date’ stated in that post you mentioned:

This is not the server itself, this is just the API in which the developers can start coding with. There is still no official word on when Sponge will be finished.

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  1. Spigot cannot be downloaded cause it is in same scenario as bukkit
  2. I have made a modpack before and a modded server but it was too hard trying to get people to come on

yeah the api is a jar file right?

I’m going to try to maintain my chill here…

The API has been buzzing over the last month, I’ve been watching the commits on the repo and progress has been made. Yes, they said they are aiming for a November release, and yes, the month is already past halfway over. Now with those acknowledgements, lets shift gears a bit.

The API as-is is usable. It is not complete, but lets ask the question - was Bukkit first distributed with every single feature in it? Probably not.

You say “put a download link on the internet” as if there is no way to obtain the API. However, since the birth of the API, it has been readily cloneable with Git, or if you don’t use Git, you can just download the master branch as a .zip. With this you can compile the jar yourself and start making plugins (with whatever resources the API has to offer at that time).

Sponge is merely an API right now. Any implementation (the equivalent of Spigot or CraftBukkit) will not be ready until Forge (which is what will be used to build the first implementation) is ready. LexManos is being a f------ boss and working on updating Forge to 1.8, and when that’s done, things will move on more quickly. And if you’re looking for mod packs and stuff for your server, well, you best be ready to wait even longer.

And passing on what I’ve been told, never ping LexManos.

The API is what plugin developers use to write plugins, it is not an implementation that can be used for a Minecraft server.

Okay I’m deliberately breaking my chill.
People are saying 1.8 is one of the biggest game updates, and as such, a lot is changed. Therefore, for mods and whatnot to update to 1.8 it will take a long time. Learn to be patient. You don’t just get to have magic express permissions for things.

Its kinda rude to call out the “Sponge Development Team” (Which is synonymous for “The Sponge Community”) and say they’re lying. So does that mean that every other developer who has set a goal for a release and had to push it back because of setbacks is automatically a bunch of liars?


ok so someone can compile the jar file and put it on the internet. every update, they compile new jar file and put download link on internet. easy peasy

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The API isn’t considered complete and ready for official release, so why would they compile it and say “Here it is”? Any plugin devs that want to get started early can just do it theirself. I have a five line batch script to pull from GitHub, and compile the jar autonomously.

One last time. API = something developers use to make software. Application Programming Interface. It is not a server. It couldn’t be used to run a server if you wanted to. It’s not easy peasy. This stuff is extremely complicated.

What you are looking for is called an implementation. It’s the thing that Implements the SpongeAPI in a Minecraft server. That is a completely separate project and work has barely even been started on it because we have to wait for Forge 1.8 to be released. Our time table for an actual implementable server that you can download and run is closer to Q1 2015. That’s a rough 3 month time frame, 2 months in the future. And that’s being generous for such an enormous project.