SpamHammer - Hammer those spammers! [v4.0.2] [API 4.1 & 5]

SpamHammer detects people sending too many messages in short amounts of time (and optionally repeated/capitalized messages). Mutes, kicks, and then bans players that spam the same message in that order. Server OPs and people with appropriate permissions are unaffected.


I am still working on an automated solution, until then, I have manually uploaded it here:

Source: GitHub


SpamHammer should work on its own and you might want to configure it to your specific needs. Commands below might be useful if people regret their actions.

Config: example


/spam reload - reload the configs /spam reset [user] - reset a User's mute/kick statistic /spam unmute [user] - unmute a User

Banning is done via internal Minecraft/Sponge banning, so unbanning is possible via the /pardon command.


spamhammer.bypass.all - Allows user to bypass everything spamhammer.bypass.repeat - Allows user to bypass repeat message limit. spamhammer.bypass.punish.mute - Allows user to bypass mute punishments spamhammer.bypass.punish.kick - Allows user to bypass kick punishments spamhammer.bypass.punish.ban - Allows user to bypass ban punishments spamhammer.bypass.punish.ips - Allows user to bypass IP check punishments spamhammer.bypass.punish.urls - Allows user to bypass URL punishments spamhammer.cmd.unmute - Allows use of unmute command spamhammer.cmd.reset - Allows use of reset command spamhammer.cmd.reload - Allows use of reload command

Phoning home

Yes, SpamHammer phones home. The plugin calls my server, and saves the following to the database:

  • the plugin name
  • the plugin version
  • the server IP
  • the port

The IP and port are never shown, they just are used to differentiate servers from each other. I would like you to keep the plugin doing this, so I have an idea how many servers are using which version, that’s basically it. To turn it off, change callhome to false

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This plugin is actually really good. Helped me find a way to kick people spamming command signs.