Spawn Entity problem

Entity spawning is not working!
cmdMan.register(this, CommandSpec.builder() .description(Text.of("Spawns a nuke creeper")) .permission("jakesspongeplugin.nuke") .executor((src, args) -> { if (src instanceof Player) { Player player = (Player) src; World world = player.getWorld(); Optional<Entity> optional = world.createEntity(EntityTypes.CREEPER, player.getLocation().getPosition()); if (optional.isPresent()) { Entity creeper = optional.get(); world.spawnEntity(creeper, Cause.of(EntitySpawnCause.builder().entity(creeper).type(SpawnTypes.PLUGIN).build())); return CommandResult.success(); } } src.sendMessage(Text.of(TextColors.RED, "The command failed")); return CommandResult.empty(); }).build(), "nuke");

I get this error:

Why is it giving me this error?

@gabizou is currently working on implementing Spawn Causes. For the time being, you won’t be able to use them.

So i cant spawn entities yet?

For now, you can simply specify the command source it was run from.

extent.spawnEntity(entity, Cause.of(src));

OK, that works, thanks!