Spider Rider Plugin

So I have Posted This Several Times On The Bukkit Forums And well I’m Curious To Know If Any Know Would Be Able To create a plugin that gives players the option to tame and ride spiders just like horses. i don’t need it fancy just simple i was thinking that if they can make a mine cart controllable off tracks i would assume this might be possible

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Were you asking someone else to make a plugin for this or putting forward yourself to write it?

I’m under the impression that vanilla minecraft supports allowing entities to ride other entities in general. Allowing a player to ride any mob is generally just a simple method call as far as APIs are concerned.

As for the pet part, that can be a bit trickier as you generally need to override vanilla behavior of mob AI at times. Maybe not an issue for spiders if you can toggle their hostile state, but then you’d need some way of preventing them from despawning (maybe hidden armor, name, etc).

And I’ve no idea about controlling them, maybe have the player ride a pig and then replace the pig entity with a spider on outbound packets? That may be the most difficult part at any rate.

Well im mostly asking is any one has the capability of making this plus i think if any one could make it, that would be a huge achievement in Plugin creation.

But you are right it would be extremely difficult but i don’t think its impossible

I think it is possible, but mostly the controlling part (from what I’ve become used to with Bukkit’s API) would be buggy. I’m sure it’s been done before, and a plugin doing just that may already be on the porting list.

I’m taking you’re looking for something like this cough http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mobrider/ cough, but serious that plugin probably just needs to be ported over and updated, BUT since I don’t really know anything about licensing, I’m not sure somebody else could port it without asking the author for permission, It is under GPLv3 license if anybody knows about that…

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well im not really looking for the mob rider plugin i do realize that allowes you to but its not really what im looking for im strictly looking for only spiders not the other mobs (aka creeper riders are kinda like terrorists if you think about it)

The thing is, plugin devs probably aren’t interested in re-creating an existing plugin just to make it less functional. There’s likely a way to disable riding particular mobs (haven’t looked, just assuming).

And in a way, anyone who can aggro a creeper would be more of a terrorist assuming that either the creeper will just insta-explode if you try to ride it, or can’t explode once you get on it.


  1. Read forums and do research before you post, please…
  2. someone gives you an answer, and you refuse it. Not good.
  3. Liskov said it best: “objects in a program should be replaceable with instances of their subtypes without altering the correctness of that program”. In other words, if you want solely spiders, then you can stick in the mobRider plugin and turn off all other options and things should run just fine. Don’t want the whole thing? no worries. There is plenty of help (and even a Lib!) to help you out.

@OffLuffy hit the nail on the head. First, nobody is up to making sponge plugins as the API isn’t finished. (want a bukkit plugin? BukkitDev is still alive! :D ) Second, you gotta think of all the cave-eats before you request a plugin that makes either no sense, or is repetitive. Always look before you ask! :)


i have looked over a hundred times and i have considered the mob rider plugin but it isnt want im looking for please take into affect that i am educated and i do know how to research things before going into discussion

And i certainly never turned down what he said i said that it wont work because i am simply looking for a plugin that basically adds spiders to the tamable mob list and has the features of a horse -,- i was not asking for any criticism either

and on a further note i do agree with offluffy and i do understand that there are not current [[sponge]] plugins i was curious to find out what people had to say and see if any one had some ideas


Just saying, I’m don’t think someone will develop a plugin like you have asked for, for one person to use that is large as what the plugin you want to do. Not without being paid anyway.

good point (sketch is the most usefull person on this topic ^_^)

For a minute I though this was a plugin about the Spider Riders show.

Damn my childhood. :frog:

You can easily spawn a horse and disguise it to a spider, the climbing part is a little bit harder. You can change speed & jumb attributes to make it better

I was thinking a saddled pig to keep the location of the mounted player a bit closer to where a spider would be. That is if the pig needs to be vanished rather than altering packets of some sort.

The problem is that saddled pigs can’t be controlled by WASD

That is true I suppose. I guess it’d need the be disguised via packets (or some other method I’m not aware of) to get the player’s position to display correctly.

I did it before, and it seems to work perfectly, the location of the player riding an entity is client-side, but the server keep track too