Spigot Title API

So in the patched version of spigot and the new “semi-official” build of spigot there is a way for you to send titles to the minecraft client. While I have figured out how to do this, I have been on a server called the Hive (google it and join it if you want to know what I am talking about) where it looks like they use the Title API to show small messages near the bottom of the screen.

Does anyone know how they would do this, or how to change the size of text / position of text in a title? Is there another way to do this, are they even using titles in the first place (I’m pretty sure they are though, they started doing this when the first spigot 1.8 patch came out)

Why not ask on the Spigot forums?

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I asked there too. Was hoping for a response here as this community is rather densely packed with talented developers from all minecraft communities.

After some research I found the following resources:

I also noticed this can be achieved using ChatTypes.ACTION_BAR in the Sponge API (accessible via sendMessage(...) in Player). Hopefully something might emerge as further progress is achieved on the Sponge server implementation :).

ACTION_BAR messages are chat messages, not titles.

Unlike titles, you have no control over the time that they are displayed, and in neither case (chat/title) do you have direct control over size or position.

I assumed that the OP was referring to the messages above the hot bar (which show for a certain amount of time, likely predefined by the client):

No, the Title API won’t cover that, but considering that this functionality was added in the first snapshot for 1.8, it seems likely that ChatTypes.ACTION_BAR and the selected message in picture above refer to the same thing. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Yes, that’s the right thing. It’s basically a chat message package, only with the display id set to 2.

Thanks everyone

@DSH105 That API works beautifully for my purposes.