Sponge 1.8 For Hamachi Servers


So me and my friends started playing on my hamachi server and i had bukkit 1.7.2 installed and when i wanted to get the 1.8 version… I hfound out Bukkit had been taken down. So i dont have enough money to host a purchased server yet but i still want plugins and that kind of stuff.
So is there a link where i can download Sponge or is it for bought servers only. It seems very promicing. And is there a way to run Bukkit plugins on a Sponge server?

Sorry for bad english :smiley: Im Estonian

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If you’re running a Server, you should have at least some technical knowledge.

I do but i just couldnt find a download link

Sponge has not yet been released, nor does it have an exact release date at this time. You can use Spigot 1.8 until then, though. There is no download link for it; you will need to compile the jar file yourself (don’t let the word “compile” sound intimidating - it’s not!). The Spigot wiki has information on how to compile the 1.8 version of Spigot - search for “BuildTools” in their wiki.

Plugins can still be downloaded from the “Get Plugins” link on Bukkit’s website, or from Spigot’s Resources section. Most Bukkit plugins will work with Spigot 1.8. Good luck!

This is really why we need to have the fake download link… this could be avoided extremely easily.

“Oh sponge, this looks nice, where can I get it , oh theres a link that says download. Whoops, it says sponge won’t be ready for [insert ballpark time here] Ill check out alternatives like spigot for the time being.”


Genius accually xD

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