Sponge 1.8

Hi i was just making a post to find out if sponge will be out before Christmas because i was thinking of getting a server host and i was wondering is it better to wait untill sponge comes out or get one now and upgrade when it comes out but i just want a rough dating of the project to be released like for example Christmas or after the new year. can someone give me some adviser please

It’ll be out when it’s ready.

The estimated release of the api is in November.

Thats great news

I love when people dont read before they post. They have said it should be out by november about four times already.


Yes, and snarky comments like these don’t help.

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Im new to this Forum

Guys be careful, November is only the release date for the API, not for the implementation, there is no release date for the server yet. This means it can take a whole lot longer until a properly functioning server implementation will be released.

Being new is no excuse not to read up on the topic

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