[Sponge 7.1.0 -BETA-59] DropItemEvent don't fire when block break

I’m a sponge plugin developer and I’m facing a problem, I recently updated my sponge server from BETA 22 to BETA 59 and my plugin is not working correctly anymore. After investigation, I found that DropItemEvent isn’t fired when you break a block (It’s still fired from other sources : entity death, player inventory , etc…).

Is this a sponge related Issue?

I’d say there’s a strong chance it’s a Sponge issue, as the behavior of the API should be consistent across releases (at least for the same major version). It’d be really helpful in cases like this to show your code as well so people can verify you haven’t made a mistake by accident and avoid redoing the testing you’ve already done.

If you haven’t tested on latest (83 at time of writing), you should do so before creating an issue on it. You can also join the official testing discord, https://discord.gg/fhjvRUQ, if you’d like to lend a hand with tracking down the cause and making sure it’s resolved.

Thank you for your answer,
I’ve just tried my plugin with the last version of sponge (vanilla 7.1.0 build 83) and the bug remain the same. I’ve joined the discord to discuss about that.