Sponge and CUDA?

Whether it will be possible to use video resources for sponge? CUDA?

Do you even know what cuda is?¨

If you did know you would not ask this kind of question.

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There is something:
I dunno if it’s suitable or not.

P.S. What are you trying to accomplish? Depending on it, it may be quicker to do on CPU.

Now other server cores minecraft dont work with CUDA.Only CPU and one core…
I am interested in Sponge allows you to use CUDA and videocard power?

More players in one the minecraft server, more minecraft servers on one server.


15chars ,.–.,

Just no… the only thing that it could be used for is vectors and matrices but please no.

First thing, most servers have little to no graphics hardware. Adding CUDA/OpenCL support wouldn’t be very useful.

Second, you need to design software very specifically to use GPU processing, since it’s a lot different from CPU computing.

Minecraft isn’t even designed to properly use CPU parallelization, GPU acceleration is a long shot.

No way to make this happen without huge changes to the implementation. This is something you want to avoid for maintainability reasons.

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