Sponge and Glibys chat mod

Hello, It has recently come to my attention that sponge and Glibys voice chat are not compatible with each other, and having them both in together at the same time will cause Glibys voice chat to stop working… Any way to fix this? or is this an issues with the mod, not sponge?

Glibys voice chat -> http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1291487-glibys-voice-chat-mod-voice-chat-in-minecraft

Crash Report?

Sponge edits a lot of the low level parts of Minecraft - if Gilbys does too, that could very easily cause to incompatibilities. Best thing is to try get the mod developer creates some kind of compatibility patch (similar to what mod devs do already for other core mods).

Yea Ive posted that here and on his mc forum thread. Lets hope

Its not that its crashing, its just that it wont work (serverside) sponge still works, but Gilbys does not.

Cool! hope this is fixed.

Zephire as far as I can see it doesn’t modify any underlying code.

Fixed :slight_smile:

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You just made my day :smiley:

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