Sponge and pex not working with enderio

enderzoo works but i put enderio and endercore in and voxelsniper will crash server. if i remove that it starts up things work on the mod then but pex wont be working and sponge throws a few errors about it. is it possibly cause enderio 1.8.9 is in alpha stage yet? heres link to enderio 1.8.9 and endercore 1.8.9 they are alpha yet http://ci.tterrag.com/job/EnderCore-1.8/


Could you post the crash report?

i couldnt get one it just kept trying to restart itself and not save a crash report so i just copied log where the error and crash started at when plugin voxel is installed it works til i put endercore and enderio in. it starts if i remove voxel but then its like sponge dont work and permissionsex is noneexistant.

Please use Gist or Pastebin and paste one of the server logs found in your <serverdir>/logs/fml-server-latest.log. Do NOT use an RTF file type, just paste it as raw text.

this is from fml-server-latest after i cleared it all then ran it again with endercore and enderio

apparantly permissionsex and foxguard along with voxel ain’t starting and voxel crashes with endercore installed which is needed for enderio this is one of the errors thrown Server thread/ERROR [Sponge]: Could not pass FMLServerStartedEvent to [email protected]

here’s the errors i found when endercore is on. lot of the plugins aint getting a server started event