Sponge and RLcraft(Lycanite's mobs) conflict question

I just installed sponge on my rlcraft server and I noticed conflict between these two mods regarding one small specific thing. I have seen this issue before on another server that had both installed. I was wondering if anybody would be able to help Identify a solution.

In the modpack the left shift key is used while riding a flying mount to descend in the air. However, after installing sponge, when shift is pressed the mount gets stuck in the air and you are unable to dismount or do anything. This is never an issue when sponge is not installed, I have tested it. I have seen the exact problem with another server that had sponge installed as well.

An easy fix would be to change the key for mount descending and that is viable a workaround, but if you hit the shift key the mount still bugs out. Does sponge add any extra function to the left shift key? Or possibly it changes some configuration with how the player crouches making it conflict with the mount?

I would really appreciate some insight about this from someone more knowledgeable than I. Thanks in advance.

Edit: If I change the crouch keybind to something other than shift, the mount can descend just find. So it has something to do with the modpack possibly changing something to do with crouching. This seems to be a common issue as I’ve spoken to quite a few people who have had issues with this, but I can’t find any information on how to avoid the conflict with default settings so new players don’t have to circumvent the issue.

You don’t need SpongeForge installed on the client, so I hope that isn’t the problem. It shouldn’t be messing with player key-bindings at all.
It would help a lot if you told us which version of Sponge, Forge, and the mods you are using.

RLcraft is a modpack runs on the 1.12 version of Minecraft so that’s the version I have installed. When I have a fresh install of the modpack there are no issues. It’s only when I install sponge(not even any plugins for it) that the issue presents itself. By default the crouch key and the key used to descend on a mount are the same(left shift), but when sponge is installed somehow pressing shift makes the mount bug out and crouching/descending conflict with each other somehow.

Edit: Here is a post from a while ago with the same issue:

If you want our help, please provide the info Inscrutable asked for.

I am more then happy to go out of my way to look at sponge code to see whats going wrong, but thats were i draw the line. No way im searching for a mod pack just to find the forge version its using as well as the mods and then also guessing the sponge version your using as I would then need to do that for everyone.

Im going to assume Inscrutable also has the same line

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