Sponge API PlayerPickUpItemEvent not triggering?

Hi, I’m new to coding plugins using the Sponge API, and I’m trying to “trigger” a player pick up item event but no matter how I pick up an item on my server (be it dropping anything and picking it back up, breaking blocks, or killing mobs, etc) the event never seems to trigger i.e the logger doesn’t send a message out.
Here’s my code below (assume all the correct libraries have been imported.)

@Plugin(id = “testPlugin”, name = “testProject”, version = “1.0”)
public class testPlugin {

private Logger logger;
private Game game;

public void onServerStart(ServerStartedEvent event) {
	logger.info("The server has started."); //Log to send a message out when the server starts. Seems to work.

public void onPlayerPickUpItem(PlayerPickUpItemEvent event)
	logger.info("An item has been picked up!"); //Log to check if this event has triggered. Doesn't seem to work.


There is an event implementation progress tracker here. Currently PlayerPickUpItemEvent has not been implemented.

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Oh man there are loads of events not implemented yet. I wonder how some people here already write their Plugins. My respect.

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  1. Write
  2. ???
  3. Success

Without these events its very hard to just “write”

Sorry was joking. You can write with what the SpongeAPI has, although testing is another story. Since x event isn’t implemented it means you cannot test it. Doesn’t mean you can’t write it (bad practice- writing without testing), but it is rather unhelpful xD

Thats what i meant to say.
And such a plugin with unimplemented events is useless.