Sponge at Minecon 2015!

Sponge is going to Minecon! Be prepared to see the following Sponge Staff there:
@AzureusNation - Granite Developer.
@drtshock / Trent - Moderator.
@gratimax - Web Development (Ore Repo).
@lukegb - Sysadmin Extraordinaire.
@me4502 - Developer, Public Relations.
@mumfrey - Developer, Master of Mixins.
@Owexz - Public Relations and Support Lead.

There remains plenty of stuff that we’re yet to organise, but we’d love to say hello to any of the Sponge community who will also be attending. So be sure to let us know if you’re attending Minecon or will be in the London area at that time, so that we can organise a meetup. :smile:

We’re hoping to host a panel at Minecon, but first we need your ideas as to what topics we should discuss! Let us know what you think our panel should be about below.


what really is sponge, what is the reason behind it, and what make you different from other server platforms (eg granite, trident, rainbow, glowstone)

Also First post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll probably be there, working as Multiplay/Event staff. If anyone recognises me, feel free to grab me and say hello.

Gosh darn tickets are sold out and too expensive beforehand :c

Well, I hope to see all of you at Minecon :smile:. Especially @gratimax. (I has tickets :open_mouth: )


So… where did the money come from to get all these people to minecon? :smile:

I’m guessing from community donations (which was likely handled by the sponge LLC). I have no other idea where the money could have came from, aside from each of them paying out of pocket.

This is exactly why i asked. :wink:
If my donation was used to get these guys to minecon, then i’m more than pleased that the money is used right.

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Minecon is in the middle of Ramadhan(Islamic holiday, when Muslims fast from early-pre sunrise to sunset).
Only if it was another timing I would be able to come. I have planning to go to Minecon for a while now. Oh well, next year. :slight_smile:

All tickets out ;(/

Surely that just means you’d have more time to spend browsing Minecon because you wouldn’t be distracted with needing to eat!


Will someone record if they get a panel?

I doubt they will :stuck_out_tongue:

y? I would gladly stalkAhem watch the booth all day.

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Everyone going to Minecon has paid out of pocket, our donations from the community reached a total of ~$15. We also have no financial sponsors at present.

If we are able to get a panel, I will try to ensure that it is recorded and broadcast, there’s no reason not to do so.


Cool, So I’ll be able to stalk Watch everything going ons at the booth.

This is really cool, wish I was going. Have fun all that are!


Just 15$?
First i thought you were joking… I expected more :frowning:
That means there were just 2 or 3 donations.