Sponge Challenges

What do you think are the most difficult challenges in modifying Sponge Vanilla or Forge? And why? Please share it here.

Sponge Vanilla and Sponge forge are pretty much the same, very few differences between the two in terms of Sponge code.

For me, ive had more of a issue developing towards Sponge Forge as you would have users who had some strange obscure mod that modified how something worked which my plugin relied on.

Also the blocking of apache libs on forge is annoying, but easy enough to work around.

So all in all, Sponge Vanilla is easier to develop for, but if you know exactly the systems its going to run on, all modifications are known, eta, then they are pretty much the same for developing plugins as both Forge and Sponge Vanilla extend upon Minecraft Vanilla.

Just seen you commented on a post about Sponge setup for console, so you probably dont want a development modification, but instead a admin modification.

In that respect, Forge is probably better as you get the choice of Forge Mods as well as 100% compatibility with Sponge plugins (assuming you dont run into mod incompatibility) to help modify the server, plus the options forge gives you to modify the server (lack there of)

Thanks for your reply MoseMister, I actually want to learn about both aspects of modifications. I’m honestly looking forward to seeing if people put together a sort of hybrid server/network.

There are quite a few minigames and gameplay elements that currently exist in Minecraft due to ‘hacks’, the stretching of in-game elements to make them look or behave like others. One that instantly comes to mind, is the recreation of FPS games in Minecraft.

I don’t know. Maybe I just haven’t done my research correctly. But Sponge is already rubbing me the wrong way.

Based upon your previous comments (permission issue from using * and a bug in a plugin) I can see why you get that idea. But as a admin, permissions and mod compatibility are the hardest thing to balance, but you would get that with anything that has permissions and/or mods.

As for the bug in a plugin, thats down to the developer, bugs happen with anything, even developers like Apple get it wrong every so often.

There’s always a first time in everything, I feel you lol.