[Sponge Client] Feature Suggestion&Discussion Thread

Hey all, what features would you like to see in the “upcoming” Sponge Client ?
My ideas:

  • Server to Client Mod download(options:all,trusted,none(default))
  • Load mods at save/server load, not Minecraft(jar) launch
  • download multiplayer worlds permanently for faster loading(lobby,minigames,mmo,etc)
  • server switching feature in client - no proxy needed ?
  • bypass the session-server which is used by Mojang to block servers that don’t follow it’s Eula
  • Database of popular ResourcePacks, Mods, Maps, Servers, etc
  • Built-in anti-cheat system
  • Server-side option to force the client to use a certain resourcepack
    Let me hear yours!

I’m pretty sure that there won’t be an official Sponge Client…

See Installation and plugin management - #13 by hunterboerner

Yikes, lets not go down that road.


Last thing a dev should do is try to end run a EULA.


@LlmDl @OreCruncher
Mojang did this to punish the servers, not the players, so I see no reason why it wouldn’t be right to do this.

But i guess i could life without that feature. What do you think about the others ? Or do you have some suggestions by yourself ?
@ABDTGaming From what i know, there will. Please correct me if i’m wrong though…
@hunterboerner Sounds interesting, and would probably be easier than building a client from ground up

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EULA is a contract, and any intent is spelled out in the EULA. Doesn’t matter the context of why Mojang changed what they did. The EULA applies to all end users, server owners and players alike.

Fine, i striked it out. Any other suggestions?

I agree with @ABDTGaming, this seems more like a separate forge mod than anything such as FriendsOverlay. But to add on to this idea, it could be possible to use Minecraft’s services to track what server players are on, therefore a client-side friends list could be used to quickly join their server, similar to the FriendsOverlay.