Sponge Community Support Finally there!

Me and @Bubbaman5 are working and almost done with setting up a TS server for those who want to have support faster! for now you are able to join while we are still in progress of making it more atractive and member friendly :slight_smile:

If we miss something reply it down here and we will add it instantly

For now :slight_smile: enjoy

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You are now able to request private channels!

Updated the signature to get rid off the HOMEPAGE Setence

This spot is reserved…

This is not an official Sponge TS server but a private offer by @Bubbaman5 and @Skrill_Craft.
However this is appreciated. Thanks for offering a free and open TS server for the community :wink:

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Please read over, I’m willing to discuss options for current forum moderators to be put into positions on the TeamSpeak server, I will need a list. For those of you who are developers, please feel free to use the server for whatever you need to do, think of it as a quiet work space, we can and will move you into your very own private channel, just as you wish.


This server is not in a direct affiliation of the sponge hosters, rather a community server for community purposes.

Ranks and permissions are set :slight_smile: all you gotta do @Bubbaman5 is reset your passwords on your private channels :slight_smile:

@Tzk this is kind off like a fan made server where Spongies can request support almost like the irc channel

As @Bubbaman5 said feel free to use anny off the channels created specially for the Sponge Devs

I also need a list off all possible ranks wich are used on Sponge to create all needed permissions (if it is possible to get them)

mutters something about mumble being the better voice client

It’s nice to see community folks wanting to improve the community!


mumbles something about discord being the best voice client
I agree, it’s cool that this is being set up!


i’ve been looking for free mumble hosts couldnt find annything :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see community folks wanting to improve the community!

:slight_smile: we try our best :smiley:

:slight_smile: thanks ^^ we are trieng to do our best to help making the community better and better :slight_smile:

You wanted a list of mods/staff… There you go:

I’m almost sure i forgot a group, but you get the idea :wink:



thanx :smiley: now i can add all the groups and permissions to complete 80% off the Community server

should i add the roles 2? just a question :slight_smile: and if yes whats the easiest way to do it? making for each role a new group or just 1 group as it is stated here

It should also be said that we will need each of the team to join us on teamspeak so we can apply the permissions

@Bubbaman5 could you provide me with the UDP and TCP ports? i need em for a signature also the country it is hosted in if possible

@system hopefully we arnt breaking rules :S

Ok trieng to make it to join the user to the server after clicking the image all urls i tried seem not to work as they should