Sponge compatible with CraftBukkit?

I’m just going to go straight about the thing i wanna talk about!

I would love to use Sponge as a Version for my server, the time doesnt matter as i got a CraftBukkit 1.7.5 version running for the moment.

I’m wondering, will i be able to use the Sponge version same as craftbukkit, the main question is if the Sponge will make it easier to operate a server :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering me as ive got a short amount of time (Sadly i wish i had weeks to do mc work.)

If you’re wondering if your plugins will still work? No they’ll all break. You’ll have to use Sponge variants of the plugins, or wait until the old developers port over their plugins from Bukkit to Sponge. It seems that sponge is going to be more user friendly though, adopting a new user friendly config standard and including some cool features in it’s core.

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In regards to plugin compatibility:

That would help i guess :slight_smile:

Then if im not going to use a plugin that makes Sponge/Bukkit work together, then some plugins gotta be made. (WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Factions, Portal plugin and so much more xc)

worldedit and worldguard will come because @sk89q is the project lead of sponge and is also the developer of those plugin.

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Many of the existing Bukkit developers have made it clear they plan to port their plugins over to Sponge on this thread:


I thought so.

I hope Towny, some minigames gets compatible :frowning:

I’m happy with such news. For now i can start studying a new API.

1.In the post there are a couple of links to some forum posts that discuss is using Bukkit plugins in Sponge illegal.You should take a look at them(in my opinion manually change the code from Bukkit to Sponge is the best solution).
2.If you are wondering is using Sponge going to be easier then using Bukkit, the answer is yes!The developers are planning to make it much easier.
3.Many of the most used plugins are going to be ported to Sponge and as @Oz3ir said:

[1]: **Discontinued** Pore - A Bukkit-Sponge Bridge[quote="GamingNorge, post:1,