Sponge crash with JoJo mod

My server have 3 mods, Steve’s Bizarre Adventure, Sponge and Nucleus

When i use JoJo mod without Sponge there are no problems

But when i use JoJo mod with Sponge I find myself kicked by the server with this error in console:

I apologize for my ignorance, I would like to add this mod with the plugins T_T

JoJo mod does asynchronous things that should be done synchronously. Ask the mod author to fix it.

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Isn’t there a way to make it work? :frowning:

No. Sponge can do a lot but it cannot convert code from async to sync. Only the mod developer can change that.

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The correct answer is as @Yeregorix said - the mod author should fix it because what they’re doing can break the game. Sponge is just catching it.

However, Sponge has a setting in global.conf called broken-network-handler-mods. Change it to read something like this (while your server is off):


This might work around the problem for now.