Sponge Dev Category: Core vs Feature

Can we split the “Sponge Development” category into “Sponge Development/Core” and “Sponge Feature Request” or “Sponge Ideas”
Or move some thread from “Sponge Development” to “Sponge Talk”.

Last time threads like “we want x” appear in the “Dev”-section …
There are more like plugin requests or in my opinion talk on a feature instead a talk on development and the technical side



Can we seperate ideas vs implementations/patterns/design?

atm i refer all to:


+1 I agree, Sponge Feature Requests would be nice to have

Mabye a better idea is to split “SpongeDevelopment” in “SpongeCore” and “SpongeFeatures”

What I mean with SpongeCore?

+100000 I totally agree! Development on Sponge is sssllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwww