Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #28

Climbing out of the swamp for no readily apparent reason,
it is the seventh son of the zombie-bride of the resurrected


Brought to you by electrickery and a bucket of FLARD.

An age and then some has passed since this array of questionable questions has arisen. So mote it be that today
you shall again be subjected to inquiry, and stared at by your screen (or cat) until such time as you reply, or go to make tea. Bring on the questions!

  1. Is Sponge world generation now faster than it’s competitors?
    Sponge now has really fast Wgen, thanks to asynch lighting. It’s been claimed that it now outperforms the competing Bukkit/Spigot API implementations. Have you seen significant performance improvements?

  2. Which version of Minecraft are you using the most at present?
    It seems that there are still many who prefer 1.7.10 simply for the vast library of compatible mods. But for Sponge gameplay and development we have the choice of five major versions - which is your preference?

  3. Is “Java Edition” a demotion or a badge of honour?
    There’s been some outcry about the re-branding of the Java version for Minecraft 1.12.2. The Java Edition remains the vanguard of development, and is still the only versatile platform for Minecraft modding. Should we be concerned, or celebrating?

Long ago there were other questions asked. Those interested in ancient history may follow their trail of carved stone slabs. If you have a probing question about Sponge or Minecraft you want enscribed on the Quiz slab, append it to your reply and it will be considered. Humble beginnings can lead to great discussions. With that, this ceremony concludes and Spongie salutes you all. Cavort and be free!

  1. Haven’t noticed.
  2. Just for regular modded I find myself using 1.10 most often, since new modpacks usually use 1.10 and public packs are the easiest to maintain servers for, but I wish I was using 1.12.
  3. Microsoft is rapidly in development of its C# modding API for the new unified Minecraft. Once this happens, who knows what they’ll do with the Java edition. I however doubt they’ll move to their traditional ‘extinguish’ phase without offering platforms for macOS and Linux, so I wouldn’t worry until those appear.
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  1. The last time i used Bukkit, there were no elytras… And elytras are a worldgen killer ^^ So i can’t really compare them, but i feel like it is a lil bit faster…

  2. I am using 1.12 for a small public server, i never look back ^^

  3. I don’t like the development away from Java … it’s still a huge way if they want to get rid of Java, but … meh.
    If they wan’t to make both cross-compatible though (unlikely, i think), i would be totally with them ^^