Sponge doesn't load

I’m trying to add Sponge to an existing 1.10.2 Forge server. But try as I might, I can’t seem to get it to load. You can see in the logs (Notice : Starting Minecraft Server...Console : [04:00:06] [main/INFO] [LaunchW - Pastebin.com) that it’s definitely trying to load it, but I’m not seeing any kind of error. However, the plugins aren’t working and the /sponge command doesn’t exist so I don’t think it’s loading properly. Any insights?

Looks like MovingWorld is embedding an older version of Mixin, and is getting loaded first. Try using SpongeBootstrap to guarantee that Sponge is loaded first (I don’t think this should break MovingWorld either).

The console output is not showing the whole story. Post the full logs/fml-server-latest.log if you’re still having issues.