Sponge error when trying to retrieve player's balance

Certain players get this error when trying to see or edit their balance. But it’s apparently a sponge error and contains no trace of EconomyLite

Do these players have a balance?
It looks like they’re trying to see a balance they don’t have.

Yes the player has been on and is #1 on /baltop

bumperino. I’d gladly provide any other information

@DiamondArrow I’ve seen this a lot and I find it’s usually down to the Minecraft username cache getting out of sync. It might not be, especially if the player is online, but it’s a similar/same stacktrace.

If you’re using Nucleus 0.24.3, I added a command that can be run from the console (or with permission nucleus.getuser.base), /nucleus getuser <username|UUID>. This contacts Mojang, gets their current game profile and re-adds the player into the cache and recreates any user file that may no longer exist - it’s a short term reactive fix to the problem but I hope it works for you and that it gets you back on your feet.

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