Sponge Factions Offer!

Ok I have talked to a developer of Factions. He said until at least 80% of Spigot is dead and Sponge replaces it Factions will not be ported.
I did ask if someone could take over the project and he mentioned that Factions is open source. I come here today to ask if anyone would want to port over Factions for Sponge. Keeping it up to date maybe not perfect in sync but working well. When it comes to updates. I did another thing like this with the Sponge Towny Offer. If you want the chance to port Factions announce your wish to here,

Hmmm it seems to be that just porting plugins isn’t really what Sponge is about - its all about starting anew, as the Pore project has shown. Similarly to Towny, Factions was a very useful plugin, that can certainly be now found in other sponge projects. If the features that you want are not currently there, I know from experience developers try their best to accommodate your needs.

This is just my opinion but I think people are more likely to create their own projects rather than rewrite someone else work.


Factions is such a well known plugin. People know the commands and it’s a popular server game choice. Rewriting others work may be helpful when porting some plugins to Sponge. Sponge is a new beginning but are we trying to push other servers away from us? Some servers need a factions port to work with the exsisting data. My server needs Factions and Factions how it is is a perfect fit for my server. Not a lot of bukkit plugins NEED to be ported but others would be hard to change and we are pushing the thousands of exsisting servers away. Sponge also may be a better fit for a bukkit plugins then bukkit itself even though written to work with bukkit. If rewritten the plugin could almost be better. Example economy. Factions is important and hard to lose. Bukkit is a hard thing to lose but at least for Sponge we can work for porting certain bukkit plugins over. Competition already exsists for these plugins to help them grow bigger then on bukkit.

Those are just my thoughts dumped out into text. Plus I need factions anyway.

Well then its more of a matter to se if a dev would pick up a factions-like plugin, rather than explicitly port Factions as it is in Bukkit. It kinda make the point of having a complete refresh moot. Plus, pretty certain that devs, like @TrenTech prefer using their own creativity to take on plugins rather than copy over old methods that are not their own.

I get that your server uses Factions, but as it stands, you’d have more luck finding existing plugins similar to Factions and seeing if they are picking up the project or not (I have researched and saw that there is a lot of deadish Factions plugins here on Sponge).

Similarly to Towny, there is no point in sticking with the old Bukkit plugins.

I bet all devs here think the way you do. Sponge is still young and as demand comes Sponge still is in a stage where it can be molded still. I can see a plugin using a converter from Factions data to their plugin data. That will be up to a developer. Many plugins that will come in the future we haven’t seen yet. Something will come up everyone likes. When it comes to new things it’s hard. It’s hard for me to watch Sponge grow and know MC:PE will have its own way to make plugins and see that grow. One is for Java Minecraft and one is for c++ and I think Sponge is the best we are going to get from the Java edition. It is the newest model with all the newest plugins. It’s the best we are going to see from the Java Minecraft.
Getting back on topic I bet something will come along. Something that still makes Sponge new. There are many servers that still use Spigot. Let’s see if Sponge will impress them. It may change these servers but that is what sponge is about. Plus seeing some change is good. Some servers can get old. Others just need a new thing to come up like Sponge to give them a reason to change. Maybe not completely but change.
Sorry for the long posts. You make good points. As I am a server owner and you speaking from a developer point of view (I don’t know if you are a developer) we are two different people. Things have to change for both sides server owners and devs so you are right.

I am actually a server owner just like you - I made the jump from 1.7.10 ‘CraftBukkit’ about three months ago, and it has done me well. Though, I did not come to Sponge expecting the same calibre, as it was still heavily unstable and the working plugins were scarce.
I think it is a matter of accepting that if you jump ship to Sponge, you have to embrace the novelty and yes, the ‘baby stage’ of the community as it stands.

** I also have no developing talent, I simply made use of what the plugin developers provided - and if something is amiss, I made sure to suggest a replacement.


I really don’t want to say this, but I consistently have to sift through three giant paragraphs in order to find the useful part. Could you please keep your soliloquies in the off-topic forum?

And as for the main point, the big reason that a lot of plugins will be redone instead of ported is that Sponge is written for very differently than Bukkit, and a direct port would look very badly written from a spongy perspective.

I don’t really care about this topic anymore. It has been discussed and it is over. Case closed