Sponge for 1.7.10?

hi a while ago i saw that sponge 1.7.10 was at the dev build for download but now i cant seem to find it anymore while i need it is it removed if so can i have it back PLEASE i need it

Sponge for 1.7.10 is not a thing sorry :cry:. In early development stages they used it to get started that’s it.

oh wel… thats realy sucks :cry:

Instead of asking for sponge to go back in time, you should ask why you’re not going forward. Mods should update to 1.8, I have said this too many times now.

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Ive requested the same thing @lars_dormans and I know you would love to have the hundreds of mods available for 1.7.10 and have sponge. Unfortunately we will have to wait and see first if they update, and second if they will just skip to 1.9. I they skip 1.8, we will also have to wait for Sponge to update. I hate recommending this, but you can still find a Cauldron download for 1.7.10 and its successor kcauldron. For the time being its the only option to have plugins with 1.7.10 mods :disappointed_relieved:


I tried some time ago to get sponge building on 1.7.10. Only problem is because the dependency on SpongeCommon that uses VanillaGradle. Its just impossible to build/patch sponge to it without totally breaking the build script :cry:. Every time you try it VanillaGradle is like, ERROR: 1.8 only!