Sponge for AllTheMods (Curse modpack)

Im not a MC server guru by any stretch of the imagination but i can get it going for the most part. I’m using AMP/MCMA3 to privately host a server for me and my friends (Possibly public in the future) and am wanting to get some plugins on the server. What i believe to be the issue is that the forge version is 2122 and if i update it to 2123 i get a load of errors and the server crashes (ill upload logs if needed of this crash) and if i put sponge in with the 2122 it also crashes (once again will get logs up if needed). I cannot find a release of sponge for 2122 (im pretty sure it doesnt exist (well sponge doesnt have it on their downloads so unless someone else made it :P) is there any way to get sponge 2123 to work on forge 2122 or should i go to a forge/AllTheMods forum and try update the server to forge version 2123.

The mod pack im using is the AllTheMods modpack from curse for 1.10.2

Once again sorry if this is the wrong place.



As AMP includes the AE2 mod, i’d guess that one of your issues could be this one:

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Thanks so much, this has worked and got the server running, i still havent got plugins though due to an ender core issue so ill hopefully get that fixed in the near future, ive heard the ender core team know of the issue and are working on it. But thanks a lot for the help!

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