Sponge for Pocket Edition?

I’ve done a search of the documentation and forums to see if I can find any information regarding Sponge and support for Pocket Edition Minecraft. Searching for the term ‘PE’ is disallowed because the term is too short for the search tool, so I’m looking up ‘Pocket’. Unfortunately the only relevant discussion I can find seems to be more than two years old.
I see that there are some hosting services offering Pocket Edition server hosting, so I know it’s possible on some level, so
it would be great if there were a page in the Sponge docs or other easily findable place that described the current state of PE and Sponge.

Thanks again for the great project.

The pocket edition of Minecraft is written in a whole different lanuage to the Java edition of minecraft (the version sponge is designed for).

And due to the fact pocket edition is designed for mobiles - something you can not easily install a lanuage on. Sponge plugins would not be able to be read.

That being said. It is possible to make plugin in a different lanuage because they just modify the original server code.

However it is unlikely that the Sponge devs are willing to create a separate plugin launcher for the pocket edition of minecraft or the cross platform version.

But then again. Im not a sponge dev.

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There are several experimental proxies that have support for pocket clients connecting to Java Edition servers.

We don’t explicitly support them, but we have no issue with people using them. You may have some luck if you are able to find/try those.

You seem to have a misunderstanding of most of the process.
First of all, MCPE is only one port of the Bedrock software. It’s identical to Win10, Xbox, and I think Switch.
Second, the server platform doesn’t have to be related to the client platform. It’s just a bunch of packets sent over the internet; device, architecture, even language can be whatever you want. There’s vanilla PC edition servers in C#, Rust, etc.
Third, there is no official server software for the Bedrock platform. Any implementations would be from scratch, like Glowstone is for Bukkit.

But yes, it’d be a completely different API to maintain, because Bedrock has a very different structure.


Minecraft PE (Bedrock) and Minecraft PC Edition are similar, but not identical, there are some things that one have and the other don’t, and vice-versa (like blocks, itens and entities). I’m developing a Plugin API designed with both in mind, but is not ready (yes, I’m developing alone), maybe I publish about it any day, when I have some time.

For which platform?

As far as I know, there is no Server that implements Sponge for bedrock protocol, the best you can find is translation proxies.

I’d say implementing Sponge, as it is, would be rather hard if not impossible for a bedrock server. The internal systems for Bedrock are much, much different than the Notch-esque inner-workings of Java edition and I couldn’t see someone being able to translate the nonsense in the modern versions into the nonsense of the grandfather version.

What I’m doing is implementing my plugin API using adapter pattern, every platform has it own implementation as a plugin.

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