Sponge forge 1.16.5 Working or not?

I have made a server for Pixelmon Forge 1.16.5
And im Trying to add sponge forge so i can get plugins to work

I put it in, It loads no errors
it creates a Plugin folder
Im guesing thats where i should put the plugins ? (sponge plugins)

my Problem is then my plugins dosent get registered or even loaded ?
What am i doing wrong ?

This was the one i was useing 1.16.5-36.2.5-8.1.0-RC1246

What are the plugins your trying to load? And also is another mod preventing sponge from loading. Take a look at the log and search both error and exception (ideally you shouldnt have any)

But yes, 1.16.5 spongeforge does work

TrixtaLogin plugin Triede to get it to load no Luck then i tried
Authentic Plugin and the same again its like the plugin folder is being ignored

Trixta isent even mention in the logs so not being loaded

Just did a check on both you said theres no mention of any plugins theres no errors or except at all so whats wrong here ?

So looking at both your plugins I see the issue.

Sponge plugins can only be ran if the plugins sponge api version has the same first number and all other numbers are equal or lower then the sponge api version of your server.

Your server is running sponge api 8.1, while TrixtaLogin is api 6 (i believe that was both minecraft 1.10 and 1.11)

Authentic doesn’t say, but a quick look at the plugin code shows it’s definitely older then sponge 8


You can read more on the official docs


Aww dangit so None of the /register /login plugins on sponge works and i cant even find any mods that works like that -.- gues im stuck then

only way out is to make 1.12.2
so sad as the kids prefer 1.16.5 -.-

Its still early days for 1.16.5, one will probably be added.
The main issue is I know a lot of developers who will never make such a plugin as its typically used in pirate (cracked) servers

o well gues thats it then Thanks for the help anyways Mose

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