Sponge Forge and SkyFactory 4

Hello everyone - I’m genuinely sorry if this gets asked a lot or answered a lot - I was having a bit of an issue, and I’m not sure where to ask for help.
I’m trying to installed Sponge on a SkyFactory 4 server - Sponge version “spongeforge-1.12.2-2768-7.1.6-RC3643” - and keep running into the server somewhat pausing just as it is finished loading the world.

Unsure if its because of Applied Energistics 2 - or some other mod its conflicting with, any information would be really helpful - and if this pack doesn’t allow me to install Sponge, then that’s okay - but hopefully there is patches to certain mods, that won’t require my players to need to update on their twitch launcher, or their local files.

How do you mean “somewhat pausing”? Also a log would be great

Pausing, like it will stop at a certain point.
This is also my first time asking for help - so I tried to get all the information I could

this came from the console, where it ended up just stopping

and this is from the latest.log

I hope this helps and thank you for the help

Foamfix seems to be crashing as well as a few other things. Can I ask if you have applied the Foamfix for sponge?

In `config/foamfix.cfg`
Apply these values

`B:optimizedBlockPos=false`  (Sponge adds a similar performance patch)
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thank you so much :smiley: that absolutely did the trick - thank you - I’d have spent hours and hours trying to figure it out on my own - thank you again :smiley:

I’ve Ended up finding some other weird bugs, playing SkyFactory 4 with Sponge running - at the least I have just Sponge, LuckPerms and Nucleus. Placing down a Chest Builder from ComPatchedStorage and right clicking on it, gives me this crash: https://pastebin.com/qrNdvSxf

and another mod that doesn’t seem to work well with Sponge/Plugins is the More Cauldrons mod - adding cobble or adding liquids into the cauldron sometimes it doesn’t work

I’ve also tried to disable FoamFix in case that was causing issues, but the same thing happened.
I wish I was better at these crash reports, because I really enjoy running servers with Sponge and plugins