Sponge forum home page

I’ve been using the Sponge forum for some days now, and I think that it would seem a little bit more organized or “new-user-friendly” if the forum homepage was the categories instead of the latest posts.
That’s just my opinion though, you can do whatever you want :blush:
Another thing, I don’t know if this already exists or not, but since there are so many, seriously, so many emojis, there could be a button on the bar (where you have bolt, italic, url, etc) to choose which one you want, by category.
Those are my sugestions, thanks for reading :wink:


Using the category page as front page seems to be a nice idea.
A button for all emoticons would not worng, since there are just too much for a popup.
As list with all emoticons can be found here: http://www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com/

That’s why I said to display them on a category, like Android or iOS does.

I don’t know if you as a admin running discourse can add something like that. Maybe you should request that feature at discourse forum https://meta.discourse.org/category/feature

I prefer a list of threads myself as I can see all the latest topics. On many forums, it’s hard to see a list of all the threads posted on when using mobile devices.

Makes more sense to me, like punchwood.com (Uh, nobody flag this or anything for advertising websites or whatever I did wrong I read the guidelines and stuff, please just leave a reply telling me if this violates some kind of rule, and I can edit/remove the post)

I like the “recent posts” view! Don’t change it!


No we would totally still have that, just like we have the categories tab. Just the homepage would have the categories as well as the latest topics.

Also like punchwood.com, I think there could be a latest topics sidebar or something similar, so that way we found a great compromise to make everyone happy :smiley:

I think the front page should be split into two sections: one containing the content of the categories tab, and the other with the most recent posts (as it is currently organised now). This would allow for easier browsing, especially when searching for active topics in a certain category, plus it suits those who prefer the ‘recent posts’ view instead.

Something like this would be perfect.

The point of the forums is to spark discussion. By having a unified list of the latest interactions, you get straight into the conversations that matter. A category mode however, blocks you from seeing things you wouldn’t ordinarily go to. The categories shouldn’t be the main gateway to discussion.

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That is why I said we could have both. Or maybe when it shows the categories it shows recent or unread posts under the catagories. like maybe 10 threads per catagory?

I agree with @hunterboerner ,
if its not set out like that, there won’t be as much discussion as it is now.

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unfortunately that witch matters to you may not be the most recently bumped one.

Categories will still be sorted by bumped.

Google sorts results based on reverence to search terms but also, and more importantly, based on your demographics and what you have viewed in the past. Not saying we do anything that complicated, but some food for thought regarding the topic of topic/link sorting.