Sponge forum in China

Sponge 中文论坛 (sponge-cn.com)

It’s a place for Chinese. Welcome :smiley:

Nice! Do both sites managed by the same team?

No. It’s self created.

For the absence of doubt, this site (sponge-cn dot com) has no link with the Sponge project. It is an unofficial forum that is designed for the Chinese speaking audience. We are not responsible for anything associated with this site.

Fan made alternate language community sites are not controlled, or associated with SpongePowered the organization, any staff who participate on said sites are doing so in a personal capacity. We are not responsible for any content found on these websites.

Any resources that we provide that are used on this forum must conform to the various licences we use. Please be good citizens and abide by the terms we set on our content! Please also be fair to any plugin authors whose content you either repost or discuss - remember that we’re mostly doing things for free here - please link to Ore or their chosen distribution platform instead of just reuploading so that they get the exposure and credit they deserve.

Please note that we reserve the right to take down this post at any time, particularly if it links to content that breaks our terms and values.